Derek is an American traditional pop artist performing old jazz standards and his own new originals.

He mixes his own “old-school” signature blend of acoustic-based pop music with a healthy sprinkling of jazz influence. You’re most likely to find him performing solo or with his small three piece jazz/swing band in fine museums, up-scale restaurants, coffee shops, wineries, and house concerts re-interpreting his older songs while offering a ever-changing stream of his newest batch of tunes.

Derek loves reaching back and performing old standards from the Great American Songbook mixed with his modern, originals songs which tend to meander in that same genre and sound. He writes witty, insightful music free from over-hashed clichés. Derek presents memorable melodies, timeless songs, and thoughtfully engaging lyrics. He does this on his own, releasing his music online (and often giving it away) with no record label or administrative support. Derek is truly an independent artist.

In Derek’s solo concerts, you’re going to hear Derek’s original music, a selection of over 120+ jazz standards from the Great American Songbook (as sung by Sinatra, Bennett, Cole), a collection of Beatles cover songs, and other light pop songs. If you’re fond of creative and uplifting music that fits well in an intimate atmosphere, you’ll enjoy Derek’s music and approach to performance. You can see his current performance dates here and his past dates here.

Finding his voice as an artist has fueled Derek’s writing and musical endeavors. As if being an accomplished vocalist, bassist and drummer weren’t enough, Derek Lorin is respected as an extremely prolific and profound songwriter and has garnered praise from venues he has performed at. He has released five independent albums. Derek constantly hones his songwriting skills in the live venues and you’ll hear some vocal and lyrical improvisation, some playful tongue-in-cheek approaches to popular songs, and some outright tomfoolery.

Derek Lorin has a high, clear voice which pairs nicely with his “old-school” sound and approach to music.